Tomato Sauce

Every year my family along with our good family friends the “Chabot’s” make homemade tomato sauce. All of us participate, from dicing, to crushing, to boiling and jarring the sauce. It’s definitely one of the things I look forward to the most in the late summer months! I won’t lie and say that making your own tomato sauce is pretty “simple”. But I will say that many hands really does make light work!


The photo above gives you a good idea of the set up. Once the tomatoes are washed thoroughly we lay them out on the counter tops and begin to core and chop them into pieces. While this happens we have someone at the same time crush the tomatoes up!


Once we have the sauce are next step is to fill up each mason jar.. we make sure to leave just enough room for a few basil leaves and some salt. Once each jar is mixed with the fixings we screw the lids on tight and boil for a good hour.


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